Greenheart Garden & Landscape Design
Greenheart Garden & Landscape Design

My goal is to provide you the benefit of my horticultural knowledge and experience. 


To best ensure this, I concentrate on four areas of service:


Consultations – From deciding what to plant and where to plant it, to determining the best way to take care of your landscape, to identifying just what exactly that landscape consists of, I can help.  Sometimes all it takes is a new pair of eyes to discover the possibilities that exist for your site.


Design – The next step up from a consultation, I will provide a scale drawing of all or part of your landscape as well as a plant list and design notes that can be used by you or a contractor to complete your project.  Designs and accompanying documentation will be provided in electronic format, unless other arrangements are made.


Maintenance – Fall and spring clean ups, pruning, deadheading, fertilizing … all of the regular maintenance work that it takes to keep a landscape looking good.  Pruning will be done by hand and at appropriate times for that particular plant, not at the convenience of a human schedule (e.g. no shearing the lilacs in August!)


Planting - Small planting jobs (limited quantities and sizes) can sometimes be accommodated.  I am currently a one-person operation, and it may be necessary for me to refer you to a larger company to complete your plantings.

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